Printer Simulation
Receive print data by simulating a printer or by loading a print file
In order to be able to analyze the print data of a label or laser printer, the software simulates a printer via the WLAN interface and receives the data. Alternatively, print files can also be loaded for analysis. This offers a detailed evaluation of the received data directly on your iPhone or iPad.
The Workflow

In order to evaluate the data, the software must received data via the simulation over TCP/IP or a print file has to be loaded

  • Select the correct code page to display the data in text mode
  • Show data in hex mode to search for a specific byte combination
  • Display in syntax mode to analyze the sent commands including search function
  • Check alternative commands in the syntax library

Data Views

The analyzed print data can be displayed in 3 different views for evaluation.

Text View
Different code pages or encodings can be selected in the text view to see which one displays the text content correctly
Binary View
The hexadecimal view is suitable for text searches of byte combinations and then jumps to the first match of the search criteria
Syntax View
The syntax view shows the evaluated commands according the recognized syntax library to be used for evaluation
Syntax Library
The command syntax libraries
We have created a library of commands for each printer manufacturers displayed below by collecting free data available on the Internet. Even the libraries are not based on the latest specifications, they are one of the most important functions in the PrintAnalyzer for evaluating print data.





Some screenshots from the PrintAnalyzer with the different data views